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Too Yumm! Potato Chips

Looking for masala in your life? The all new Too Yumm! Chips will now be your daily dose of masala. Dive into the great taste of 5 fresh flavours and experience the crunchiness anytime, anywhere! With 40% Less Saturated fat

  • Lip Smacking Masala
  • Crazy Crunch
  • 40% Less Saturated Fat
  • Spanish Tomato

    Juicy tomatoes, packed with potato goodness! Know More
  • Indian masala

    Your favourite chips masalafied, desi style! Know More
  • Classic salted

    A tribute to the classics Know More
  • Kashmiri Chilli

    Spicy love, all the way from cool Kashmir Know More
  • American Style Cream & Onion.

    A match made in heaven, but also in your packet Know More